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Jimmy Smith Foundation

The Jimmy Smith Foundation is committed to providing programs and personal mentoring to help at-risk youth establish the building blocks of success. This is accomplished through sports and educational programs sponsored by the Foundation, and in partnership with community organizations such as Stewpot Community Services, local churches, schools and sports leagues.

In addition to athletic skill building, the Foundation focuses on three key areas that are considered crucial in personal development for youth: Diet & Nutrition, Physical Fitness, and Life Skills.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of today's youth by offering opportunities for involvement in wholesome programs and rigorous activities that will serve as a life long guide in the development of critical life skills.

Our Vision

The vision of the Jimmy Smith Foundation is to use developmental programs to teach character and other critical life skills to today's youth. Working with highly trained individuals in the significant areas of education, recreation, sports, nutrition and character building, age appropriate programs will be offered to youth who through other means may not have available. These programs will make an impact on each child and therefore increase their opportunity for success. The Jimmy Smith Foundation has as its core belief that positive intervention by caring and concerned adults can and will make a difference in the lives of the youth that it will serve.

Why We Got Started

After retiring from the NFL and years of working with the community, Jimmy Smith made a commitment to address the circumstances that today's youth face daily. With the help of other competent and dedicated individuals, Jimmy established the Jimmy Smith Foundation. Through this foundation, today's youth will be offered top-notch instruction in sports fundamentals, character building, and other life enhancing skills. We are dedicated to making a difference in young lives while there is still a chance for them to become productive members of society.